Parking Update

Steve Percy has been working hard on our behalf for the last 9 years. He’s on the Transport Committee now and is able to question, and sometimes, effect change about traffic problems. Steve refers to the Brighton Station Gateway project which will affect traffic flow in this area, and will soon be made public when all comments and suggestions will be considered by the Council’s team. Terminus Road may be one way going north. Buckingham Road may also become one way. Steve wants to know the public feeling so that he may represent arguments to the Council. Signs and lines are a big issue at the moment and Steve urges you to report incorrect signage and faint lines either to him or directly to the Council.

He has suggested a new slip road to ease congestion at the Edward Street junction for those vehicles which are attempting to get into Church Street. This problem is exacerbated in the summer when traffic is at its peak and the flow from the seafront to out-of-town is nearly at a standstill. It is possible that a big tree, which is preventing the building of the slip road at the moment, may be diseased and will have to be removed.

He has been informed that when motorists find parking tickets on their vehicles, if the serial number on a hitherto illegally displayed upside down pay & display ticket tallies with Parking Ticketing number in the photograph, then it will be cancelled. He has repeatedly requested that the Council introduces a 1 hour tariff on the P&D bays and that some of the communal bins be repositioned, in particular the one on the corner of Compton Avenue at the junction with Buckingham Place.

Please contact Steve on the or 07768 002328 (11am-6pm)

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