Flower and Music Festival

St Nicholas Church
St Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church in Dyke Road is holding a festival of flowers and music from 8 – 10 July celebrating the Holy Sacraments and the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible.

The 900 year-old church will be open from 10am to 5pm each day with flower displays by award-winning arrangers and live music by local artists. The money raised will be spent on much-needed restoration work and to improve the space available for local community use. Tea, coffee, ploughman’s lunches and other refreshments will be served during the day.

During the Festival a programme of events will take place in the church.

On Thursday 7 July at 7.30pm there will be a preview of the flowers in aid of the Sussex Kidney Trust with a champagne reception and music by the Melisma duo of soprano Sarah-Jane Dale and harpist Luisa-Maria Cordell.

On Friday 8 July two concerts are being given by St Paul’s Church of England School at 2.00pm and by the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus at 7.30pm.

Saturday 9 July at 7.30 is Operetta Evening with a picnic supper in the church grounds.

For information, ticket prices and availability Tel: 07746 198 026
www.stnicholasbrighton.org.uk email: saintnics@talktalk.net

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