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Murder in the Manor

A group of young writers have worked together at Brighton’s Preston Manor to create a beautiful piece of digital fiction entitled Murder in the Manor.

Earlier this year, the Royal Pavilion & Museums invited eleven young writers from Brighton & Hove’s Little Green Pig creative writing group to Preston Manor. The writers, all aged between 12 and 16, created a fictional murder mystery, inspired by the house and its contents.

The story is told through a website in which the player must investigate the events leading to the death of the victim, Elizabeth Frankson-Yew. The website, created by Brighton-based developer Say Digital, provides 360-degree panoramic views of eight rooms in the manor, and clues in the form of short stories hidden in key objects on display.

Murder in the Manor puts visitors directly into the crime scene as they explore the sinister rooms of Preston Manor. Visitors will investigate the possible motives of suspects, including some quirky guests and eccentric inhabitants as they unlock the secrets of this creepy Edwardian Manor House. If they follow the hidden clues and solve the mystery, their prize is £1 off admission to Preston Manor in the real world!  

Murder in the Manor is an Arts Council funded project supported by the Renaissance in the Regions programme. It aims to open up the house to younger audiences by presenting it as not merely an historic house, but as a place of creative play and inspiration.

The website can be found at

Preston Manor: Admission fee payable
Preston Drove, BN1 6SD Tel: 03000 290900

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